Unit Standards

Level 3 Options

Level 1 & 2 Options
FieldCommunity and Social Services
SubfieldOutdoor Recreation
DomainAdventure Based Learning
468Assist in Facilitation of ABL based on learning activities for the development of participants36
471Assist in facilitation of low ropes course activities for the development of participants36
474Assist in facilitation of high ropes course activities for the development of participants36
24663Demonstrate leadership while participating in an adventure based learning programme33
DomainMountain biking
20817 Plan for, participate in, and evaluate mountain bike rides on intermediate to expert terrain33
Domain Rock climbing
20149Demonstrate lead climbing on indoor bolted climbs33
20150Demonstrate rock climbing on natural rock3 5
20151Demonstrate skills with ropes, knots, anchors, and belays for rock climbing and abseiling310
20155Lead climbing on bolted routes on natural rock32
Domain Tramping
427Cross rivers32
428Demonstrate on track tramping skills314
430Demonstrate bush survival skills3 3
DomainWeather Interpretation in the Outdoors
20160Demonstrate knowledge of weather processes and their effect on New Zealand weather32
Other options may be available on request

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